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Located in Sharon, Massachusetts, DC Auto Sales & Rental Service is a business that specializes in used and pre-owned auto sales. Our inventory features a variety of premium and exotic vehicles. Additionally, we provide top-notch vehicle rental services to people who need an automobile for transportation.

Mission Statement

DC Auto Sales & Rental Service provides a unique car-buying experience to the customers of the New England area. We focus on customer satisfaction first and understand that purchasing a vehicle is a necessary but sometimes unpleasant experience.

Our objective is to provide a reliable, enjoyable service that satisfies the individual transportation needs of our customers with a first-rate product. We also believe in the importance of providing high-quality vehicles at low costs. Additionally, our company will back each vehicle with a 30-day limited warranty.

By generating sales, we will make a profit, which will provide our employees with job satisfaction and fair compensation and our owners with a fair return. We will also reward the good performance and hard work of our employees by providing bonuses and commissions. Knowing that job satisfaction is important to our employees and owners, we strive to create an enjoyable and profitable work environment for everyone.

Buying New Vehicles vs. Buying Pre-Owned Vehicles

When you are shopping for a new sedan, pickup truck, or SUV, one of the questions you will have is whether you should buy a new vehicle or a used one. Both of them have their pros and cons, and it is up to you to weigh these pros and cons and decide which option is best for you.

Vehicle Cost

If the overall cost is an issue, buying a used vehicle is definitely preferable to buying a new one. You may not be able to get something that has just hit the market, but you should be able to find something that is less than two years old if you take the time to shop around. It might even cost less to register a used vehicle than a new one depending on which state you are in.

The only issue you might run into when buying a used automobile is that there will be more wear and tear on the vehicle. However, a reputable dealer will have their used vehicles checked out to ensure that they are in top working order.

Insurance Rates

The price tag and cost of registration are not the only things that are less expensive when you buy a used automobile. Insurance companies take various factors into account, such as the value of the vehicle and the amount of maintenance they will need. Since new vehicles usually have a higher value than used vehicles, they will cost more to insure.

You might even be able to do away with features such as collision and theft damage with a used vehicle if you so choose. It is not always recommended, but it is something to consider if you are trying to save money.


Vehicles depreciate with each mile they are driven. When you buy a new car, that depreciation begins as soon as you drive it off the lot. Some models can lose up to 40 percent of their value during the first year of ownership, which is definitely an issue if you ever decide you want to sell or refinance your vehicle.

While a car won't stop losing value just because it is used, it will depreciate much more slowly than a new car. When you drive a used vehicle home, you don't have to worry about it losing too much value during that first trip since that depreciation already occurred when it was with the previous owners.

Even though there are definitely advantages to buying a new vehicle such as more features and a better warranty, it is not always a viable option for those on a budget. Buying a used vehicle is definitely a great way to save some money if you take the time to look around and get the best possible deal.

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